• Authors: Nguyễn Nhật Ánh
  • Translator: Nhã Thuyên & Kaitlin Rees
  • Format: 13x20cm
  • Pages: 276
  • Price: 190,000 VNĐ
  • ISBN: 978-604-1-23710-0
  • Briefly introduced:

    Originally published in Vietnamese with the title "Chúc một ngày tốt lành".
    In Have a Good Day, a motley crew of cunning piglets, receptive chicks, an energetic puppy, their seasoned mothers, as well as Peepy, their master farm boy, begin experimenting with one another's languages, causing a media sensation and turning village life upside down. The book invites readers into worlds where communication and understanding across species is essential, and hopefully, possible. And because these deep relationships and understandings between human and animal characters bear the potent capacity to shake up a community's established order, this ability and the ones who possess it become subjects of both fascination and fear. In his delightful way of storytelling, the writer gently brings readers to questions of encountering difference and maintaining openness to the worlds around us which ceaselessly offer so much for us to learn.